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Greek cuisine is completely unpretentious, what you see is what you get.  The flavors and abundant aromas are the combination of only a few simple ingredients, but the magic is in how these ingredients are fused with each other.  We will prepare the most popular Greek dishes and desserts for you at the Drive-Thru and Pick Up Festival so you can get a great idea of the overall cuisine.


All vegetarian foods are listed in GREEN text.  All sweets are obviously vegetarian, so help yourself!

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Oven Roasted Leg lamb

Marinated in traditional Greek dressing.

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Layers of filo dough filled with walnuts, almonds, cinnamon, some other good stuff, smothered in a sugar and honey topping.  

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Flaming Cheese“, is a slab of a relatively salty head cheese from goats, broiled in olive oil to soften it, then sprinkled in brandy and lit on fire to remove the alcohol, but maintain the brandy flavor on the cheese. Only served outdoors. Order at the Gyro Booth

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Baklava Sundae

Image result for baklava sundae You may think you’ve had the best Sundae ever, but not until you’ve tried this Sundae!  Crumbled fresh Baklava on vanilla (or your choice) ice cream drizzled with chocolate or caramel….Ooohhhh!

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Made with pork marinated in Greek dressing.  The classic Greek shish kabob can also be made with chicken or beef, but we think pork does it best.

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Twisted coffee cookies, are excellent on their own or for a quick dip in a cup of coffee.  Generally a dry cookie, but very flavorful, sometimes topped with sesame seeds.

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Greek Rotisserie Chicken

Greek marinated chicken. All I can say is…wow, chicken never tasted so good!

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Similar to Baklava, but the mixture is wrapped in shredded wheat smothered in honey.  Also heavenly!

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Classic dish with layers of eggplant, ground beef, and potatoes topped with a creamy Bechamal sauce.

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Butter cookies smothered in powdered sugar.  A little messy, but worth every bit of spilled sugar.

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Made with noodles instead of eggplant and potatoes.  A favorite dish for Greeks, also known as the Greek lasagna.  

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Cream filled filo with a honey topping.  A third trip to heaven!

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A vegetarian favorite, grape leaves stuffed with rice a boiled in a lemon/olive oil brine.  

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Walnut cake, is a light fluffy cake with a honey sauce.  Great with Greek Coffee.

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Greek Salad

A great vegetarian dish or for those wishing to eat light, and save room for the desserts!

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Fried dough smothered in honey and cinnamon, these delightful delicacies go great with Greek Coffee and even ice cream!

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 Layers of filo dough stuffed with a spinach and cheese mixture. We will also be serving Tyropita, which is similar, but made with only cheese.

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7668406Pasta Flora

Fruit pie, usually filled with cherry preserves, but other flavors can be used.  

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Gyro Pita Sandwich

Lamb and beef rilled to perfection in a pita and topped with your favorite tzatziki sauce (cucumber garlic dressing)

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Orange cake, is also a light fluffy cake with orange flavors and honey infusion.

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Whole lambs

We will be making a limited amount and when they are ready listen for the announcement to purchase a portion of the lamb.  This is as traditional as it gets with Greek Lamb!!

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Walnut cookies, are a delight, sprinkled with crushed walnuts and infused with honey.  

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