Enjoy great food with your Parea (close friends)!

Greek cuisine is completely unpretentious, what you see is what you get.  The flavors and abundant aromas are the combination of only a few simple ingredients, but the magic is in how these ingredients are fused with each other.  Every Friday we will prepare a selection of Greek dishes and desserts for you at the Drive-Thru and Pick Up Festival so you can get a great idea of our overall cuisine.  Enjoy a full dinner, an ala-carte item, and don't forget the AWESOME sweets!

Can’t make it but still willing to help the AV Greek Festival FRIDAY NIGHT IS GREEK NIGHT be a 2020 success? You can donate any amount directly to the Festival. We Thank You so much! OPA!!

When ordering, you'll be asked to select a scheduled time to pick up your order.  If the time you'd like is not available, please select another time.  If all the times you'd like are already taken, then please feel free to just drive by and order in line to get your Greek to go!