Common Questions and Answers:


Q: Is this the same delicious food as in the AV Greek Festival?

A: Sure is, but we may jazz it up differently, like maybe offer Greek Oven Potatoes instead of rice, or maybe another recipe when our Chef wants to try something adventurous.

Q: Is the full AV Greek Festival menu available?

A: Since this is a much smaller production of the actual AV Greek Festival, we also need to scale back the menu.  Only a couple types of dinners will be offered every Friday night, BUT, we will rotate the menu and each Friday will be a different type of meal, so keep checking!

Q: Is Greek food spicy?

A: Not hot, but there are basic spices like salt, pepper, oregano, etc.  Greek Food is not hot at all.

Q: I don't like onions on my Gyro, can I change the order?

A: When Gyros are offered, all Gyros will be delivered with freshly grilled meat in a warm pita.  All the condiments (onions, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce) will be on the side so you can dress your Gyro the way you like it.

We changed our Gyro meat supplier, so if you ordered at the actual AV Greek Festival Drive Thru and thought the meat was too thin, don't worry, we have the thick slices now!

Q: Can I customize my food order?

A: We apologize, but we are keeping the operation as simple as possible since we do not have a professional staff, just volunteers, and we also do not want to create a backup in the drive thru.  Therefore, all orders will be as described in the ordering page, no substitutions or changes.

Q: Is there anything for vegetarians?

A: Sure is, Spanakopita!  Its as delicious as it is fun to say.  We will have it available every Friday Night!

Q: Is there any item that is Gluten Free?

A: Yes, all our meat dishes (lamb, chicken and pork souvlaki) are GF, except for the pita bread.  There is cross contamination in our kitchen, so if you are celiac, our meals are not gluten allergy free.

Q: I pre-ordered, how will my food be delivered?

A: For pre-orders, since you've supplied us with your pick-up day and time, we will have your meals mostly ready, and then finalize them when you are in line so you get a fresh, hot item.  Salads will be in a separate container.  Enter the PRE-ORDER PICK UP line if you pre-ordered.

Q: I didn't pre-order, can I just drive thru and get something?

A: You sure can!  When you enter the line, make sure you go to the DRIVE THRU line and place your order.  You may have to wait a few moments while we prepare your meal, but it won't be long.

Q: The time I want to come by is not available on-line, what can I do?

A: Just come on by and use the DRIVE THRU line any time you want if the scheduled time is all booked.  You may have to wait a few moments, but we'll do our best to get your meals out as soon as we can.

Q: Why should I turn right (North) when exiting the AV Greek Festival?  

A: We don't want you to create a traffic hazard, or bump into other cars (yikes!).  It may get busy at times, so when you exit our driveway, please turn right on K-4, and then again turn right on 30th Street West.  That will get you going toward Antelope Valley College.  From there you can go any direction you like.

Q: Where do the proceeds from the AV Greek Festival go?

A: For over 55 years, the AV Greek Festival has been around in one form or another.  It started as a big Greek party for friends and has grown into the festival we have today.  All the proceeds have gone to either helping the ministries of Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church or to help those in need in the Antelope Valley.

Q: If I have other questions, who can I contact?

A: Our email is  Please contact us if you have any pressing questions.  During festival operating hours we will be rather busy so we may not be able to answer your email expeditiously, but we'll do our best.