BAKLAVA: The classic Greek dessert, layers of filo sheets with almonds and walnuts in a sugar and honey dressing. Leave your low-carb diet at home please.
KOURABIETHES: Butter cookies covered in powdered sugar. Please don’t eat while driving, you’ll never get all the spilled sugar out! Ask me how I know.
KOULOURAKIA: Rolled sweet cookies, excellent for dipping in cofee or tea, since they are normally a dry cookie. A slightly buttery and sweet version of biscotti
DIPLES: Rolled and fried dough in sugar and syrup, a “light” dessert, if there is such a thing
RAVANI: Semolina cake, in a citrus syrup. Not too sweet, excellent for after dinner with coffee or tea
KARITHOPITA: Walnut cake. Walnuts are crush and ground in with the sweet dough. Served in a sugar syrup, perfect with coffee or tea
MELOMAKARONA: Cookies stuffed and topped with crushed walnuts, soaked in a syrup. Usually served at Christmas, but we love them always!